The Balanced Scorecard Institute (BSI) is the global leader in training and consulting of strategic planning, strategy execution and performance management with the balanced scorecard methodology and the key performance indicator (KPI) solutions. BSV is BSI’s only authorized partner to provide BSI’s methodologies and solutions in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. BSV is also the only organization in the region that trains people in the BSI's Nine-Steps-to-Success framework, which is jointly certified by BSI and the George Washington University College of Professional Studies (USA).

The Balanced Scorecard Vietnam (BSV) is the leading organization in providing training, certification and consulting services with the balanced scorecard (BSC) methodology to commercial, government, and non-profit organizations throughout Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. BSV’s goal is to work with clients to build a sustainable performance management system to drive strategy execution and improve organizational performance.

Whether you need to improve your strategy execution, increase your performance, communicate your vision and strategy, or align the work your people do daily with your organizational strategy, we have dedicated Consultants and Trainers available to work with you.
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