Why choose Balanced Scorecard Vietnam (BSV)?
  • BSV offers a full range of training, facilitation, software and consulting services locally and internationally.
  • The certified Master Professionals of BSV possess decades of practical experience which enable them to employ a practical rather than an academic approach to building and implementing scorecard systems.
  • We are affiliated with the Balanced Scorecard Institute, the original certifying body for balanced scorecard practitioners. BSV is the only organization in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia that trains people in the Institute's 'Nine Steps to Success' scorecard framework, which is certified through an association with George Washington University.
  • Our dedicated Senior Associates understand the latest developments in the field of performance management. They have extensive experience with BSC implementation in commercial, government and non-profit organizations in SE Asia and Australia.
  • We provide experienced facilitators for effective knowledge transfer, and keeping the strategic planning process on track.
  • We offer customized consulting and training solutions to suit all budgets.
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