The Balanced Scorecard helps organizations translate high level strategy to something actionable and measurable, while helping employees and others understand how they can contribute to the results the organization is seeking. 

Developing and using a balanced scorecard is a journey for an organization, not a project. We have found that the best approach for building ownership and accountability at all organization levels while the scorecard is being developed, is to use cross-functional teams. This approach is an important success factor to ensure sustainability after our consultants are gone. 

Our approach is built on facilitation of cross-functional employee teams working in several small-group workshops. This approach incorporates training, problem solving, subject matter expertise, employee buy-in, and improved communication to build on the best practices that we have found are critical to a successful strategy-focused scorecard system implementation. 

No matter how large or how small your organization, we can help you to effectively develop a strategic balanced scorecard and quickly start realizing measurable improvements in your organization’s performance.
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