The Award for Excellence is an annual award given to organizations that demonstrate significant results using the balanced scorecard approach.

Award Criteria:

  1. Executive Leadership   The executives of the organization have embraced, promoted and stayed engaged throughout the development and implementation of the balanced scorecard strategic management system. The Board, if applicable,  has provided leadership and oversight support throughout the process.
  2. Strategy Mapping   The strategy of the organization is embodied in a strategy map which effectively tells the story of the strategy. The map communicates clearly how the organization creates value for customers, stakeholders, and employees.
  3. Alignment   Logical connections among vision, strategy, operations, budgets, and employee behavior are established and clear.
  4. Strategic Resource Allocation   Resources have been intentionally allocated to prioritized strategic initiatives that are linked to strategic objectives and results, and not allocated to less strategic initiatives.
  5. Reporting and Communication   The balanced scorecard effort and results have been reported and communicated effectively internally and to the organization’s external stakeholders as applicable.
  6. Breakthrough Results   The organization has demonstrated significant improvement in strategic outcomes, as shown by the achievement of target level or above performance on their corporate performance measures.  This has been accomplished through the use of performance information to better inform decision making and budgeting.
  7. Sustainability   The balanced scorecard effort has resulted in a strategic planning and management system that produced significant sustainable change in the organization.  The system must have been integrated into the organization’s management processes and in use for at least two years. 

Nominate Your Organization

We invite you to nominate your organization for the Institute's Award for Excellence.  Please submit your nomination here.

If you do not yet feel ready to nominate your organization but  would like to take the survey that is administered to our Award for Excellence nominees to see how you "measure up", feel free to do so. The survey is here.

2014 Winner: Liebherr Mining Equipment:

Demonstrating Break-Through Results

For their strong commitment to leadership, strategic management, performance analysis and continuous improvement, Liebherr Mining Equipment Newport News Co. has been awarded the 2014 Award for Excellence by the Balanced Scorecard Institute (BSI). The entreprise has developed and deployed a comprehensive strategic planning and management system in order to affect company-wide transformation and change.
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2014 Winner: SmithGroupJJR

Leading Strong Commitments Toward Transformation and Change

SmithGroupJJR was chosen for the prestigious award because of its executive leadership, strategy development and clarity, organizational alignment and communication, strategic resource allocation, performance improvement, and the successful integration and sustainability of the balanced scorecard method into the firm’s management processes.
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Past Winner

Uganda Revenue Authority

Strong Commitment to Engaged Leadership

In recognition of a strong commitment to engaged leadership, performance analysis and continuous improvement, BSI is pleased to present the Award for Excellence to its first International Winner -- The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA).
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Army Medical Command (AMEDD)

Finds Direction in Strategic Planning

The Army Surgeon General and Commander of the US Army Medical Command champion the use of the balanced scorecard as "the principal tool by which they improve operational and fiscal effectiveness and better meet the needs of patients and stakeholders."
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Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

Transforming County Government

The Institute honors Mecklenburg County, NC with an Award for Excellence for successfully transforming the county government and positioning it for tough times.
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Veolia Water North America

Scorecard Driving Strategy 

With a new CEO and ambitious revenue goals, Veolia NA first successfully implemented a balanced scorecard and then integrated the scorecard deeper into its organization using an e-learning tool. 


NEW: Read Case Study from The Institute Way

National Marrow Donor Program®/Be The Match Registry®

Turning Vision into Action

The new strategic planning effort at the National Marrow Donor Program®, dubbed Vision into Action, has driven creative thinking around how to improve efficiencies and cost effectiveness and get people thinking about how NMDP could more than double transplant volumes within five years!

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