It’s All Connected: From Innovation to Mission/Vision

Presented by BSI Chief Strategy Officer Gail Stout Perry, Learn how municipal governments are using a single solution - the balanced scorecard framework - to not only successfully deal with seemingly disconnected top issues, priorities and concerns, but to also achieve award -winning results.

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A Kite with a Broken String - The Balanced Scorecard

By Gary Cokins
How do executives expect to realize their strategic objectives if all they look at is financial results? Any strategic measurement system that fails to start with a strategy map and/or reports measures in isolation is like a kite without a string. There is no steering or controlling.

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Customer Value Proposition –The Basis of an Organization’s Strategy

By Peter Ndaa
A common challenge for organizations is knowing when and how to shift the emphasis of their value proposition at different stages of their product or industry life cycles. Successful organizations consciously factor the need to adapt their strategy over time.

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Strategic Themes - How Are They Used and WHY?

By Gail Perry
Strategic Themes are essential elements that form the foundation for a balanced scorecard. However, once the scorecard is built, the fundamental role they play is not always clear to the naked eye.

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