BSC for Leaders is a two-day interactive experience designed to help leaders understand the fundamentals of Balanced Scorecards and guidelines for strategic management and performance improvement using Balanced Scorecards.
The training program is based on the Balanced Scorecard Institute’s award winning Nine Steps to Success™ framework and thousands of hours of consulting and training experience in strategic planning and management.
The program’s emphasis is on shared participant experiences, lessons learned, best practices, applied exercises, reinforcement, and support. Participants will learn from each other and their facilitator and leave with a toolkit of proven resources.


The course covers the following topics:
  • Why is the Balanced Scorecard still one of the most powerful and effective management tools
  • Basic elements and concepts of a Balanced Scorecard
  • How scorecards are created using Balanced Scorecard Institute’s Nine Steps to Success™ methodology
  • How to contribute to your team’s development of mission, vision, core values, and customer value proposition
  • The basics of performance measurement and target development
  • How to cascade scorecards to all levels in the organization and create strategic alignment
  • How to engage leaders and employees in the origination’s shared direction
  • How to build up the responsibility in working attitude for employees using Balanced Scorecards
  • How to overcome anticipated challenges with proposed solutions
Who Should Attend?

This course is recommended for leaders who are seeking the best practical ideas for a successful implementation of Balanced Scorecards and an effectiveness in managing the organization’s strategic management system.

The course is also ideal for any business professional who wants to keep abreast of the latest thinking in strategic planning, alignment, management, measurement, and execution.
Course Benefits

As a participant, you will benefit by learning how:
  • Key concepts of the Balanced Scorecard work together 
  • A Balanced Scorecard can be used to improve organizational performance 
  • To assist in the development of strategic objectives, meaningful performance measures and targets
  • To help your team successfully build a Balanced Scorecard system 
  • To anticipate challenges and prepare solutions for a more effective implementation
  • To engage leaders and employees in the planning process
  •  Other organizations have used the Balanced Scorecard for continual improvement
  • To summarize all elements of a Balanced Scorecard

Senior Associates who facilitate the program use a combination of short lectures, examples, and relevant exercises to help participants learn and apply balanced scorecard concepts. Facilitators also share proven instruments, templates, checklists, analysis tools and success stories to reinforce learning. Exercises throughout the course include:
  • Define mission, vision, and  perspectives
  • Identify one strategic theme and capture any strategic results that could be tied to your theme
  • Identify strategic objective candidate ideas and intended results
  • Draw in cause-and-effect arrows  to start the strategy map and capture any commentary
  • Identify candidate initiative ideas for your strategic objective
  • Summarize all elements into a Balanced Scorecard

Course Outline

Balanced Scorecard Overview

  • Basic concepts of balanced scorecard systems
  • Basic concepts of performance management and measurement
  • The Balance Scorecard Institute’s Nine Steps to Success™ framework for strategic planning and management
Strategic Formulation
  • Program planning and strategic assessment
  • Strategic foundations
  • Strategic Objectives and Strategy Mapping
    • Application Exercise: Developing Strategic Objectives and Strategy Map
  • Performance Measures & Strategic Initiatives
    • Application Exercise: Developing Intended Results, Performance Measures and Strategic Initiatives
Strategic Alignment
  • Creating alignment through cascading scorecards
    • Application Exercise: Developing Department/Unit Level Objectives and Measures
Strategic Execution
  • Scorecard Rollout
  • Performance Analysis
  • Evaluation
    • Application Exercise: Summarize all elements into a balanced scorecard
Summary and Next Steps
The Balanced Scorecard Institute (BSI) is the global leader in Balanced Scorecard training and consulting covering strategic planning, strategy execution and performance management applying the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) methodology and the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) solutions. finalgloballogo.png
The organizing body for this program in Vietnam is Balanced Scorecard Vietnam (BSV), the only authorized partner of the Balanced Scorecard Institute in Vietnam, and a member company of the PACE Institute of Management. logo-bsv.png


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